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LeadFusion Retirement Calculator

LeadFusion is a company that created calculators for use by other companies.  These calculators can be used to generate sales leads from the people who use them.

I commend LeadFusion for creating a good calculator that asks extensive questions and gives solid answers.

You can access this retirement calculator on the LeadFusion site only after you enter personal information.  The page you will land on is a page for helping you calculate your retirement living expenses.  This is helpful.  I like to evaluate a retirement calculator that asks you to go through this process rather than just tell you that you will 80% of preretirement income for your retirement income.

LeadFusion Retirement Calculator

I give this calculator high marks for extensive data input.  However, the results page seems very simple.  To get the full impact of how your retirement plan will work, click on the "Graphs" button for more detail after you read the results.

The LeadFusion Retirement Calculator does a good job of assisting you in your retirement planning.  It requires much more detailed input than many of the other retirement calculators.  This is good since if you want accurate answers, you need to spend the time developing and entering the data.

I recommend this retirement calculator.

Access the LeadFusion Retirement Calculator (after you enter personal information)

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