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Bloomberg Retirement Calculator

The Bloomberg Retirement Calculator appears to be one of the best of the "quick calculation" retirement calculators.  Since it is not selling any investment products, it is more objective than investment company calculators that paint a dismal picture of your retirement planning to entice you to become a client.

The Bloomberg Calculator asks 13 questions to calculate the answer.  It has an interactive graph that shows your retirement income requirement and the amount of your savings over your retirement period.

The "Definitions" are well stated and straight forward.  Scroll down to read these definitions.

The major weakness of this calculator is it does not include input for income from a retirement job.  This is a very important factor in retirement planning.  A retirement job will allow you to retire with less savings than if you do not have a retirement job.

Do not use this calculator for any serious retirement calculations.  See my recommendations for the best retirement calculators.

Here is a picture of the Bloomberg calculator.

Bloomberg Retirement Calculator

Access the Bloomberg Retirement Calculator on the Bloomberg website

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